Penises, Supermodels, Tiny Hands, and Other Important Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election

As you probably know if you spend half as much time on social media as I do, yesterday two presidential candidates got into a Twitter fight over who has the prettier wife. No, I’m not joking. For once I’m being serious. It all started when an anti-Trump SuperPAC ran an ad with a picture of […]

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Musings On My Netflix Queue

Since I am not currently jobbing, I have had a lot of time to do other things I didn’t have as much time for when I jobbed. I started a blog. I finished writing a novel. I started selling stuff online again. I shared a lot of political memes. I returned my overdue books to […]

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How Millennials See the World

My generation is frequently misunderstood, blamed for wrecking an economy our parents’ generation fucked up, accused of killing products that weren’t so great anyway by having the audacity not to buy them, and called lazy by people who don’t think a person working three jobs should be earning a living wage. So I thought I’d […]

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Tax Time

Today I decided I was not going to procrastinate any more, I was going to do my taxes. Fail. Epic fail. I tried, I really did. First I discovered my laptop’s disc drive wouldn’t read my TurboTax CD. Thought it might be a defective disc and I could just exchange it, but then I tried […]

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Don’t Assume Things

So a few weeks ago, my mom woke me up to ask where the UPS store is. (Yes, I live with my parents. Despite my two college degrees, I have been underemployed since graduation and am now unemployed. Not exactly  a financially rewarding experience.) Now, my mom should know better than to ask me questions […]

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