S is for Stupidity

Stupidity has always irked me, which is probably why I wrote a soon-to-be-published book called Stupid Humans. It’s not just that stupidity exists, it’s that you see so much of it on display when you work in hell, otherwise known as retail. It’s almost like people leave their brains at home when they decide to […]

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College: When Knowledge Isn’t Power, It’s a Constantly Flushing Financial Toilet

I remember the day I ripped my college diploma to shreds. It had been two years since I graduated with my second degree in Advertising/Public Relations, and I was still working at a crappy, low-paying retail job. You know, the kind you might see in an advertisement by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education? Maybe […]

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How to Shop a Yard Sale

This time of year, yard sales (I call them crap sales) are everywhere. It’s time to spring clean, to take all your unwanted pieces of crap and put price tags on each piece instead of putting them in the trash! Yay! Of course, if you’re an internet reseller like me, you browse these things not because […]

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Flying Fucks I Don’t Give

In case you’re wondering about the more or less alphabetical nature of my post titles lately, I am doing a daily blogging challenge. Each daily post has to go with the letter of the day, going in alphabetical order. I’ve known since A that I wanted to write about fucks I don’t give when I […]

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