Is 2016 the Year of the Third Party Candidate?

The other day, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed something interesting. One of my friends had posted a plea for all democrats to call the DNC and tell them Bernie should be the nominee instead of Hillary. As I was reading the fairly hilarious comments, I realized that this pretty much parallels many […]

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Target, Toilets, and Tantrums

Tonight I had a funny conversation with my mom when I came home with a bunch of bags from Target. Mom: Aren’t you going to boycott Target? Don’t you know about Target’s bathroom policy? They let men in the womens’ restrooms now. Me: Hell no, I’m not boycotting Target. They have stuff there I can […]

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ABC Cancels The Family, Renews The Catch Even Though It’s Boring as Crap

Yesterday, ABC announced they were cancelling The Family, a drama about a kidnapped kid who returns home after ten years—or does he? They also cancelled Nashville (it’s just like Empire but the music isn’t as good because, you know, it’s country). Both were entertaining shows with interesting characters and decent writing. Meanwhile, they renewed such […]

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