Is 2016 the Year of the Third Party Candidate?

The other day, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed something interesting. One of my friends had posted a plea for all democrats to call the DNC and tell them Bernie should be the nominee instead of Hillary. As I was reading the fairly hilarious comments, I realized that this pretty much parallels many of the things I’ve seen conservatives post.


On the one hand, the presumptive democratic nominee is someone a large amount of democrats can’t stand and refuse to support. On the other hand, the presumptive republican nominee is someone a large amount of republicans can’t stand and refuse to support. If it was just one party that was tearing itself apart with infighting, I’d say that was an awesome opportunity for the other side, but it’s not just one party. But when you have two opposing parties that are both self-destructing, that’s one hell of an opportunity for, well, anyone else.

The previous elections I can remember went something like this:

“I’m a democrat, I’m voting for Obama.”


“I’m a republican, I’m voting for McCain/Romney.”

Yes, I’m sure there were exceptions, but not as many as there are right now. Because right now, we have something like this:


“It’s Bernie or bust!”

“If you don’t vote for Hillary you’re a sexist pig!”

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, I’m not voting!”

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, I’m voting for Trump. Screw the DNC!”


“I’m a republican but…Donald Trump…I just can’t.”

“Why doesn’t the republican party understand that we don’t want Trump to be the nominee?”

“I’m a republican but I just can’t stand Trump. All those Bernie-loving liberals say Hillary is really a republican anyway, maybe I’ll just vote for her.”

So, since so many people are miserably unhappy with their political party’s choice of nominee, it seems to me this is a golden opportunity for a third party candidate. Not that I can name any off the top of my head, unless that Nader guy is still around. (Sure, I could Google it, but I’m trying to determine if any of these people have name recognition.) The Green Party? Libertarians? Ross Perot? Kanye West?

I don’t know if any of those people would suddenly have a chance of winning this year. Considering that most of them get about 1 percent of the vote every four years, it’s doubtful. But I will say this: There’s never been a better or more opportune time to run on a third party ticket, especially if that candidate can craft some sort of message that makes him/her sound like the voice of reason in a screwball election year.

Plus, think about this: If Kanye actually did run for president, he’d be so busy he’d have to stop making music for a while!


One thought on “Is 2016 the Year of the Third Party Candidate?

  1. I voted for Ross Perot twice and for some other third-party candidate since then. I think you have the right idea by selecting the next President by reality show.


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