The Trump is a Chump Playlist

Sometimes you have two choices: Laugh or retire to a room with padded walls. The next four years will be one of those situations, so I’ve compiled the perfect anti-Trump playlist:

The Gap Band, “You Dropped a Bomb on Me.”

For the record, I have no idea why these guys are wearing sequined cowboy hats and camo, but I’m sure it makes every bit as much sense as anything the guy in the Oval Office does these days. I’m sad that I’m not old enough to remember the eighties, when fashion was crazier than our president! Good times, apparently.

Ace of the Base, “The Sign.”

For all you Chump voters out there, here’s one for that inevitable moment when you open up your eyes, see the sign, and realize what a mistake that was…

Meghan Trainor, “Lips are Movin’.”

If there was ever a song that summed up old 45, this would be it. You know he’s lying when his lips are moving and he’s talking round in circles. Bonus points for the pussy…cat dress.

Green Day, “American Idiot.”

This one needs no explanation, and if it does…you wouldn’t get it anyway.


MC Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This.”


This one goes out to 45 from all the women of America. Hands to yourself, chump.

What songs would you like to add to the Trump is a Chump Presidency Playlist? Let me know in the comments section.

W. T. Fallon is the author of Fail to the Chief, a political satire in which the presidential election is carried out via reality show, which is almost as bizarre and far-fetched as our current reality. 



3 thoughts on “The Trump is a Chump Playlist

  1. Check out Alec Baldwins latest Chump impersonation. Best line ever for die hard fans…..”you’re like a person eating chili who finds a finger in the bowl. You’re still eating it because you told your friends that you like chili….


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