Why #Millennials’ Self-Important Demand to be Paid is Really Self Preservation

January 24, 2019, Australia—Entitled general managers no longer willing to work for free, say frustrated interns at Muffin Crack, an Australian company that relies on volunteer work from its CEO and management executives. “It’s just so frustrating,” says Blueberry Skohn, an intern at Muffin Crack who supervises hiring the C-suite executives. “Every time the company […]

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State of the Union Leaked Draft

Obviously, this is satire. I am not using the White House microwave to eavesdrop on the toddler-in-chief scrawling his speech in crayon. Congratulations to all of you who get to hear the best State of the Union address ever…since last year. I know those of you at home are enjoying it too, because your TV […]

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