About: V. R. Craft, Author of the Science Fiction Book Series Stupid Humans

V.R. Craft always heard you should write about what you know, so she decided to write a science fiction book series called Stupid Humans, drawing on her previous experience working in retail and her subsequent desire to get away from planet Earth. She has also worked in marketing, advertising, and public relations, where she found even more material for Stupid Humans. Now self-employed, she enjoys the contact sport of shopping at clearance sales, slamming on the brakes for yard sale signs, and wasting time on social media, where she finds inspiration for further novels in the Stupid Humans book series every day. She continues to write science fiction books and short stories with a side of sarcasm, satire, and snark.



8 thoughts on “About: V. R. Craft, Author of the Science Fiction Book Series Stupid Humans

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